• Summer Issawi

    Summer Issawi

  • Chris Long

    Chris Long

    Dean, College of Arts & Letters, Michigan State University; Professor of @MSUPhilosophy; Co-Founder of @PubPhilJ; Co-PI of @HuMetricsHSS.

  • Kurt Richter

    Kurt Richter

  • Margaret Aiken

    Margaret Aiken

  • Sean McCarthy

    Sean McCarthy

    I am an assistant professor in the School of Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication at James Madison University.

  • Makena Neal

    Makena Neal

    momma. asker of questions and active listener of stories. lifelong learner. observer and photographer. aspiring ally and social architect. views are my own

  • UX Uncensored

    UX Uncensored

    Darren Hood: UX pro (20+ yrs), adjunct professor, international conf. speaker, founder of Kaizen UX Consulting & Education, & host of The World of UX podcast

  • Bill Heinrich PhD

    Bill Heinrich PhD

    experiential learning research, higher education & student affairs assessments, and bicycles

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