by Erica Venton

MSU Hub Fellow Eddie Boucher teaches several sections of the required and large format ISS 210 general education course in Integrative Studies in Social Science. One of his concerns for effective student learning in his ISS courses is that many students feel that these required courses are simply busy-work courses that do not align with their intended majors or their interests. The Hub is proud to support his work.

Photo by Michel Grolet on Unsplash

Who doesn’t want to watch Netflix for college credit? With a course title of “Laugh Your ISS Off” students were jumping at the chance to spice up their…

The Malawi University of Science and Technology.

MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology has the opportunity to work with many partners at Michigan State University and abroad. We are excited to highlight the work of the MSU Innovation Scholars Program (ISP) and their design-centered collaboration with the Malawi Institute of Science and Technology.

MSU strives to be an institution that works to improve the quality of life for people at home and around the world. COVID-19 has raged around the world and decreased the quality of life for many people, especially on the continent of Africa. …

by Makena Neal, Learning Designer at MSU Hub

I have worked in very different fields in my professional life, and while the exact work I was doing, where I was located geographically, and the disciplinary communities changed- one aspect didn’t. Gratitude. Throughout my careers, I have found myself committed to appreciating the contributions of my colleagues, and the communities we served. In one job this looked like volunteering to write press releases about local farmers who were changing their practices to protect natural resources. In another, it was helping youth practice gratitude skills to become better leaders. …

by Erica Venton

Creating a culture is not as simple as swapping the water-cooler conversation with a basket of fries and a great idea to discuss. Designing a culture among colleagues that celebrates individuality and focuses on relationships is both intentional and habitual. Design, in general, is about imagination and creation. It is as much about research and examination of the existing as it is about building. MSU’s Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology (Hub) team has applied design principles to almost every facet of the work.

“Working for the Hub means growth,” says Breana Yaklin, Learning Experience Designer…

by Darren Hood, Senior Learning Experience Designer at MSU Hub

As a learning experience designer at the Hub, Darren Hood brings his expertise and instincts from the UX design world to the higher education landscape, helping the Hub and our partners design student and employee-facing systems that integrate evolving wisdom from cognitive science and human-centered design.

During my years of UX-related design and advocacy, I have frequently encountered clients and stakeholders that were quite concerned with the number of clicks it would take to complete a particular task. The sentiments presented were quite passionate and boisterous, but it always concerned me that targeting the number of clicks was overshadowing other…

By Jackie Heyman and Erica Venton

Intergroup dialogue goes against the grain of our day-to-day lives and how many of us grew up learning in the traditional format of digesting and regurgitating information. Conversation challenges us to reflect and iterate on our own lived experiences, values, beliefs, and ideas in order to share and connect with others. It is this model of carefully framed conversation that can also offer the greatest impact, especially with topics tied to our individual identities.

At Michigan State University (MSU) we’ve created an engaging series called “MSU Dialogues” to open pathways of sharing, listening, and…

by Ellie Louson

My favorite description of mentoring comes from Dr. Beronda Montgomery, eminent MSU plant scientist and writer, who has written widely on mentoring and calls it “an opportunity to connect meaningfully with individuals in service to their pursuit of personally-defined goals or aspirations.” The university is a setting for many types of mentorship. A more senior student can mentor someone more junior, faculty or staff members mentor students, and colleagues mentor each other (near-peers with different skills to teach and learn, or a more senior person to someone more junior).

Mentorship happens at different levels of formality and…

by Erica Venton

Superpowers cards from SYPartners

How good is Hulk without the Avengers? It’s great to have a superpower — might is a good thing. But when Hulk is paired with the swift action of Agent Romanoff and the ingenuity of Iron Man, the Avengers as a whole are much more effective. We see each other’s abilities as strengths because they are so different from the things that we can do. That’s the way it is using superpowers within your team.

No, your colleagues can’t fly even if they do appear to be at a tropical location during one Zoom call and their…

If Google Trends is any indicator, people are about three times as curious about “design thinking” as they were five years ago. So what’s all the fuss about?

The IBM design process: “The Loop.” Source: IBM.

“Design thinking” is having a moment. Once the purview of engineers, creatives, and (unsurprisingly) designers, the phrase has become ubiquitous where people are untangling complex problems. If Google Trends is any indicator, people are about three times as curious about “design thinking” as they were five years ago. So what’s all the fuss about? If you work or study at MSU, you can answer that question at no cost, with a course delivered by one of the world’s foremost design giants.

IBM is offering a suite of online courses that take participants through a comprehensive design thinking journey. The introductory…

by Jeff Grabill, Director of MSU Hub and Associate Provost of Teaching, Learning, and Technology at Michigan State University

When we left campus in March of 2020, few of us imagined more than a year of learning and working from home. But that is precisely what we are facing. Unhappily. Personally, I am unhappy. I haven’t hugged my mom and dad in nearly 8 months. My children are away at school and in “bubbles,” so I can’t hug them either. I miss my colleagues. I miss seeing and talking with students. …


MSU Hub for Innovation in Learning and Technology

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